Medical Peel

The best Skin Rejuvenation treatment ?​

What is a Medical Peel?

The skin has two layers : the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the thin layer in contact with the outside world: it is very thin since its thickness is only 0.02 mm on the face. Peeling consists of applying a chemical substance to the skin in order to provoke a limited and controlled destruction of the epidermis and even the superficial layers of the dermis. The purpose of this destruction is to obtain a regeneration of the destroyed layers and to stimulate the production of elastic fibers and collagen in the underlying layers, in order to densify the skin. The skin that regenerate appears more plump and the lifting effect is immediate, depending on the peel chosen.

There are different types of peels which will depend on the patient and the results sought :

  • Superficial depth peeling

The superficial peel destroys the most superficial layers of the epidermis. This is the type of peel most often used in dermatology. It is ideal to make the complexion more luminous and bright by unify the grain of skin and blurring the small imperfections. The skin appears smoother and refreshed.

  • Medium depth peel

This is a peel that affects deeper layers of the epidermis and is often used as a second-line treatment when superficial peels do not produce the desired results. TCA diluted 30% to 50% is generally used for this type of peel and the procedure is the same as for the light TCA peel.


What can I expect from a medical peel?

The superficial or medium medical peel is used for :

  • Improvement of skin tone and texture
  • Reduction of brown spots
  • Reduction of superficial fine lines
  • Reduction of acne
  • Reduction of skin pores

Depending on the peel chosen, medical peels will reduce the depth of wrinkles, erase the intensity of pigment spots or tighten dilated pores by erasing imperfections. The concentration of this acid rids the skin of its dead cells and gives an immediate “glow” effect by boosting cell renewal.

At the end of the treatment, the skin appears more radiant, the complexion is clearer, wrinkles are less pronounced and pigmentation spots are reduced.

The facial peel can be fully integrated into your beauty routine. It can be completed in 3 to 5 treatments with an interval of 3 to 4 weeks at the end of the summer or in the spring ( the skin can be more sensitive to sun light). The results are more pronounced from session to session although the first results are visible 48 hours after the treatment

What is a medical peel procedure?

The procedures for medium and superficial peels vary only slightly. We will first perform an analysis of your skin type to determine the depth needed for the peel to be most effective. A thin skin will be more sensitive than a thick oily skin for example. We will identify the areas to be treated and the application technique needed in order to give the patient the best results.

Before the treatment the skin is cleaned and degreased. The product is then product apply with gauze or cotton gauze. Several passes are possible depending on the depth of the peel chosen. The medical peel may cause discomfort. Many patients report a hot, burning sensation on their face, but this only lasts a few minutes. The acid solution is then neutralized with an alkaline solution before being rinsed with water. The last step is the application of a softening cream.

The facial peeling session lasts approximately 20 minutes and may cause redness that will fade after about 20 minutes.

Medical peel treatment procedure

What should I do before a medical peel ?

At Sunny Aesthetic, we recommend our patients to prepare their skin 6 weeks before the peel with a ZO skin care product. Depending on their skin concerns and condition, we determine the pre-treatment skin care routine during the initial consultation.

What should I do after a medical peel ?

After the treatment, we list various recommendations to observe during the weeks following the peel. These are, once again, adapted according to the peel that has been applied and the skin type of our patients.

What are the restrictions

The peel is not recommended for :

  • pregnant women
  • if you are taking photo-sensitizing medication
  • after recent sun exposure;
  • after the application of a skin irritating treatment (waxing, shaving, scrubbing…)

How much medical peel cost?

The price of the peeling treatment is 350 $ per session.

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