Under Eyes Treatment

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How do eyes age?

The skin around the eyes is three times thinner than on the whole face, so this area is extremely delicate. Moreover, it is constantly solicited (10,000 eyelid beats per day), So it’s not surprising that this part of our face ages faster than the rest. Some people may suffer from the presence of hollows in the orbit, bags or sagging of the eyelid, others from hyper-pigmentation (brownish or purplish-blue coloring) due to the presence of dilated vessels or simply because the skin is thin causing a purplish effect by transparency. These issues can have different causes including genetic conditions, fat protrusion, lack of volume in the cheeks, dehydration, diminished fat and soft tissue due to aging.

Analysis of the different types of hollow eyes :

  • Hollowing overlaid by pockets of fat on the lower eyelid Hollowing with sagging of the cheekbone
  • Hollowing with pockets of lower palpebral fat and sagging cheekbone
  • Hollowing associated with dark circles : Genetic plays significant role in this type.
  • Under eye hallow due to cheek volume loss. Some time the reason of hallow is losing cheek fat pads .
    Basically fat pads are the supportive structures under eye. So losing support eventually cause hollowness under eye.
    Because hollows under the eyes have diverse characteristics and causes, aesthetic medicine can provide diverse treatments such as HA filler, PRP, PRF microneedling, Combination of PRP and filler, peel and skin care.

Under eye treatment in the Sunny Aesthetic:

At sunny aesthetic, we evaluate our patient thoroughly to determine the cause of the issue and plan the treatment based on that. There is not only one solution, but several treatments that can help reduce the presence of hollows, sagging, darkness or bags under the eyes.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler injections:

In the case of hollows under the eyes, an effective option is treatment with fillers injections. Hyaluronic acid will restore the missing volume under the eyes by filling in the hollow. This method is also used to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of pockets and dark circles caused by fat loss.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and PRF ( Platelet Rich Fibrin) Microneedling :

In cases of mild to moderate skin sagging, microneedling PRP or PRF can tone the skin and also improve the appearance of dark circles. PRP / PRF treatment is basically your own plasma concentration which has different types of growth factors stimulating production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin tighten the skin of under eye, improve the darkness, and hallow and eventually more youthful, less tired appearance.

Medical peel :

Medical peel as well as microneedling PRP or PRF is an effective method. It will stimulate cells regeneration and the production of elastic fiber and collagen. The skin will be densified, lifted and younger looking. The medical peel is also recommended to treat hyper pigmentation and dark circles

Our patients may be affected by several of these problems such as dark circles with hollows under the eyes or hollows under the eyes with sagging skin. In order to treat each problem, we propose an adapted treatment plan that can combine HA filler, microneedling PRP and/or medical peel.

What can i expect from under eyes treatment?

By correcting the hollow eyes, we will give the face a less tired and less aged look.

How many session for under eyes treatment ?

Required sessions varies based on type of treatment. Usually, HA filler treatment is one session. PRP or PRF microneedling technique need series of three treatments one month apart.

How long does it last?

HA filler injections would last between 6 months to 1 year depend on different factors such as patient metabolism, and filler type.

What should you do the day of PRP or PRF treatment?

Avoid Blood thinner such as aspirin, Naproxen, Advil which increase chance of bleeding Avoid drink alcohol, do not apply make up and avoid smoking.
We recommend to drink plenty of water and walk at least 30 min before the procedure to increase the number of Platelet in your blood
Food which are good source of vitamin C (Mango, pine apple, green leaf) , B12 ( Beef, clam , egg), Folate (Orange, peanut, ..), are recommended few days before procedure.

After a PRP or PRF treatment

Immediately after treatment we anticipate mild swelling, redness and tingling which will subside with next few days to a week In the PRF treatment. we like the swelling to stay longer as it means more production of collagen and elastin in the area.

How much Under Eyes Treatment cost?

The pricing range between $550 to $850, depend on type of treatment.

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