Microtox Facial

What is microtox?

Microtox, also known as “baby Botox”, is mainly an injection of Neurotoxin in the superficial layer of skin to improve pores and fine lines. Injection of neurotoxin (Botox) can be done using a very small needle or a micro needling device, which allows the Botox to enter tothe surface layer of skin via microchannels. Neurotoxin ( Botox ) targets the muscle of the sebaceous gland in the superficial layer of the skin. This process will shrink the pores and make skin appear tighter.

What can I expect from microtox treatment?

The benefit of microtox will improve pores and fine lines which will make skin appear tighter. This treatment can be used to tighten skin and improve texture in the face, neck and back. It can also help control hyperhidrosis of hands and underarms.

How long does microtox last ?

Microtox lasts about 3-5 months depends on your body’s metabolism.

How is microtox treatment performed in Sunny Aesthetic?

At Sunny Aesthetic, we recommend to arrive at your appointment with a clean face, no makeup. Avoid drinking or using blood thinner medications (such as Aspirin) for approximately 24 hours before your appointment. Once you arrive, topical anesthesia will be applied for about 40 minutes. We then sanitize the areas of the face that will be treated. Depending on skin type, we will inject microtox via small needle, a microneedling device, or a combination of both. After the treatment, we will then apply a hydrating mask. It is recommended to not wash your face for about 24 hours. You may see results immediately, however, it could take 5-7 days for maximum effect. There is no downtime for this treatment.

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